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Imam’s Guideline


Sheikh Mohammad R. Mardini is the Imam and Religious Director of the American Muslim Center (A.M.C)


In his absence, the following brothers are to lead the prayers in order:

  • Imam Qasim Abdullah


If none of the above, then the congregation should choose the most righteous & knowledgeable from amongst the group.



Mosque (Masjid) Usage Guidelines


There is a separate prayer & ablution/bathroom area for Brothers and Sisters.


  • Prayer Area / Lecture Hall


  • Both Prayer Area’s / Lecture Hall should only be used within the Islamic Jurisprudence (Shariah) which include the followings:

    • Prayers

    • Islamic lectures or seminars

    • Funeral services with proper permission

    • Marriage, divorce and counseling with proper permission


  • Both Prayer Area’s / Lecture Hall should not be used for:

    • Private gathering without the permission of the Mosque (Masjid)

    • Private educational classes without proper permission

    • Day care


  • Islamic etiquette in the Mosque (Masjid)

    • All phones shall be silent or switched off when entering the Mosque (Masjid)

    • No food, shoes or wet feet are allowed on the carpet.

    • No shoes on the floor.

    • Kids shall be controlled at all time in the Mosque (Masjid).



·          Daily Prayer Timings

    • Daily prayer timings are provided by the American Muslim Center on a monthly basis.

    • Second call to prayer (Iqama Time), offered with the congregation, is provided inside the Mosque or on the American Muslim Center Website.


  • Friday (Juma’ah) Prayer

    • Friday Prayer timing is fixed throughout the year.

      • Sermon (Khutbah) starting at 1:30 pm.

      • Prayer starting at 2:00 pm (Start 30mn after the first call to payer).

    • Friday Prayers end latest by 2:20 pm.

    • Friday Prayers timings doesn’t change with the start/end of Daylight Saving Time (DST).

    • All Friday’s sermons (Khutbah) are pre-assigned and approved by the Religious Director, Imam Mohammad Mardini.

    • No one is allowed to stand or give talk at any time without proper approval.

    • Please consult Imam Mohammad Mardini if you have any complaint or suggestions.



Mosque (Masjid) Speaking Policy


  • Whosoever wishes to speak or address the congregation, must attain permission from the Religious Director and the American Muslim Center Board.


  • Views expressed by individuals are not necessarily endorsed by the American Muslim Center (AMC).




Mosque (Masjid) Overnight Stay policy


  • No one is allowed to stay overnight inside the Mosque after Night Prayer (Isha Salat).


  • The Mosque will be closed after Night Prayer (Isha Salat).