History of the American Muslim Center

The story begins in 1993, when the core (existing Board of Trustees) had established theFoundation of Islamic Heritage as a non-profit organization serving the needs of Muslims in the greater Detroit area. 

In 2001, the same core have established the American Muslim Center by purchasing a church in Dearborn, Michigan, renovated it and maintained as a place of worship to God. The tired church is now a vibrant mosque and community center set right in the middle of a residential area. Its close proximity to a large area hospital and multiple Ford Motor Company corporate departments allows the employees of these firms to regularly attend the Friday (Jummah) prayers. Along with the five daily prayers, the center also has Sunday school for area children teaching them Qu’ran, Arabic and Islamic manners. For the adult community, there are lectures with guest speakers, and full family services with our resident Imam, Mohammad R. Mardini. 

Since we are part of the fabric of the local community, the area residents, most of who are non-Muslim, routinely attend our dinners and events bridging the gap of misunderstanding that is so prevalent in this country. Food and services are donated to the homebound neighbors further increasing our level of commitment to the community. 

The Center acts as a liaison between the Muslim community and others by dispelling the myths and mysteries of Islam to the western culture of the United States. By reaching out to them, we show by our actions and not just our words that we share many of the same beliefs and practices of faith allowing our future generations to peacefully co-exist as part of the same community.

American Muslim Center.

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