Family Counseling

  • Muslim Family Services is run by our Imam Mohammad R. Mardini

  • Muslim Family Services assist and facilitate in the attainment and flourishing of the families based on Islamic teachings by educational, counseling, and liaison services.

  • To create awareness and educate the Muslim Community about family issues in America through seminars, lectures, khutubas, newsletter, articles and providing literatures.

  • To provide pre-marriage and marital counseling services by religious and professional counselors.

  • To represent the Muslim Community regarding Islamic and family related issues in Family Courts

    Parents are asked to come in together for the first time to complete the paper work and talk about the presenting problem. The next sessions will include all the family. Often it is discovered that the presenting problem is not the real or overriding issue that needs to be addressed. They will be assigned tasks to do before the next meeting both as individuals and as the family unit.

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